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JCL, Easytrieve, VB6...
In your legacy systems maintenance and modernization projects.
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We are the lifeline of the projects involving legacy systems.

We develop software tools that support and reduce the costs of application maintenance and modernization projects in legacy environments.

Our capabilities

With our tools we can help you:
  • Reduce MIPs consumption in Mainframe applications
  • Modernize thousands of programs without business knowledge
  • Eliminate the problem of technological obsolescence
  • Accelerate the process of making code, making it cheaper and more efficient to develop and maintain applications
  • Automatically generate documentation of legacy systems
  • Saving license costs, moving from expensive environments to other platforms without cost inheritance
  • Customize the modernization process, adapting to the specific needs of each installation

Our projects

Our services and tools to accelerate migration processes in mainframe downsizing projects focus on:

  • Evaluation of systems in origin: necessary for the definition of a modernization strategy in line with IT and business objectives.
    The evaluation identifies the scope of the project, highlighting the most criticals and giving a correct size of the total cost and duration of the project.
  • Proof of concept that certifies the feasibility of the modernization solution based on source code analysis, optimization and automatic code conversion in target platform.
  • Source Code Conversion:
    • Prior to the migration of the code we apply optimization processes (identification and elimination of dead code, repeated functions, unused variables, ...), and can apply customized rules derived from each installation.
    • Automated migration of source programs to languages ​​defined for the target platform; conversion from JCL shell scripts, mainframe cobol to open cobol or java programs, CICS to html / javascript (frontend) and cobol or java (backend) programs, Easytrieve (or EARL) programs to cobol programs or reporting platforms BIRT)
  • Testing on the new environment: definition of test strategies and test scenarios. Coordination of functional testing (parallel between the 2 environments) and execution of load and stress tests.
  • Start-up and post-start support.

Many legacy applications were developed with technologies that are not supported anymore by the providers, for example Delphi, Clipper or Visual Basic 6. This fact implies a severe risk for the owners due to technology obsolescence. With our Alight tool we are capable of deploying a solution to automatically modernize these applications, migrating them to a newer more up-to-date technology such as Java or HTML5+Javascript.

In legacy systems it is common to find a pletora of tools and technologies deployed in them, and even different versions of them, each implementing different modules of the same applications. This is the case, for example, of report generators like Easytrieve or EARL in IBM mainframe environments. Despite being very specific, these tools often imply paying high licensing costs. To solve this problem, we can use our Alight tool to buil an automated solution to upgrade older application parts to a common more up-to-date version or create replacements for duplicate technologies reduce the technological complexity of your legacy application.

Go4IT Alight's static code analysis delivers a big value in application modernization initiatives by offering:

  • An inventory of all code components in the legacy system, providing flowcharts and dependency analysis. This information, together with the complexity analysis of the code (using algorithms of cyclomatic complexity) allows to obtain an estimation in cost and term of the process of migration.
  • Support on the optimization processes to be applied on the source code. These processes can be:
    • Standards offered by the tool: dead code, repeated functions and variables, ...
    • Custom designed based on specific needs of each installation, such as identification of business rules in windows, low recommended programming practices, ...
  • Recommendations on software architectures to which code conversion can be more efficient, depending on the development models used in the source systems.

In many legacy environments, such as IBM mainframes, the development tools available to programmers (i.e. TSO) do not provide the common productivity features currently available in modern Integrated Development Environments. These features include, for example, code completion, verification, function search, etc. This issue implies two different kinds of cost overruns: low productivity of the programmers and extra MIPS consumed due to avoidable compilation errors. With our tool Fast it is possible to solve both problems, providing developers of a modern development environment, increasing their productivity through code generation engines and reducing the number of compilation errors in the mainframe. In addition, Fast can be used with any programming language and code generation templates are fully customizable.

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