Welcome to Go4IT Solutions

Welcome to Go4IT Solutions, the lifeline for your legacy systems. Our company's goal is to provide you with powerful tools that mitigate the risks associated with the deviations and technology problems that often raise in maintenance and modernization projects of systems involving legacy technology, such as COBOL or Clipper. For example:

  • Errors in offers that end up in heavy losses or unhappy clients caused by deviations.
  • Long analysis and development times.
  • Reduction in the productivity of the developers working with an old technology.

Our tools will help you save money right away.

Go4IT Alight

Go4IT Alight is a legacy systems maintenance and modernization support service and tool. It helps the analysts understand the internals of the legacy code by extracting diagrams showing:

  • Interdependencies between programs and source files.
  • Flow diagrams of the programs and functions.
  • Database diagrams to understand the data model of the programs.

In addition, Go4IT Alight is capable of examining the legacy application in detail, obtaining information about unused variables, dead code, etc. Finally, Go4IT Alight can translate your legacy program to Java.

Check out the full supported languages list.

Go4IT Fast

Go4IT Fast is a tool to create software factories. A software factory is a custom code generation tool that can be tweaked to meet the requirements of your IT department. Its main features are:

  • Customizable code generation. Go4IT FAST allows you to define the code templates that will be generated. The goal is to augment the productivity of the developers and to ensure the quality of the produced code through systematization.
  • Customizable grammar. Go4IT FAST allows you to create a 4GL language for code generation associated to your needs, and you will be able to extended when you need it.
  • Integration of compilers. After code is generated Go4IT FAST can compile your program for you, reducing errors in posterior stages of development.